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This website offers you free astrology chart informations. I belive that my articles and my tutorials will truly help you to read your own birth chart. I study hellenistic astrology and I am able to treat very complex subjects of life by the means of tropical astrology.

If you are not interested to learn astrology, and still want to know more about you, I invite you to order one of my services. They are listed in the Consultation tab. I can deal with almost anything: birth charts, mundane charts, electional charts, horrary charts, compatibility charts (synastry charts), birth time rectifications etc.

I can apply very ancient timing tehniques like Zodiacal Realeasing, Circumambulations, Decennials or Quartes of the Moon etc. I can treat  greek seed concepts like Epikratetor, Oikodespotes, Sunoikodespotes or Kurios.

For finding any particular information, I built AstroRecord forum. This would be the proper place to ask but also meet others astrologers. My goal is to spread astrology wisdom even if the wisdom dosen’t come from me.

This astrological forum contains the following topics: Babylonian Astrology, Egyptian Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology (Natal Astrology, Universal Astrology, Katarchic Astrology), Medieval Astrology (Natal Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Electional Astrology, Horary Astrology) and Philosophy. Check it out!

One more thing before you begin your journey. The word “astrology” is derived from two greeks words, namely: „astron” and „logos”.

„Astron”, according to Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, could mean a group of stars, a constellation, stars viewed as one entity or a single star. According to the same lexicon, the word „aster”, means a star, a single star only.

Pursuing the etimology of the words „aster” and ”astron”, I found the root word „ster” from which is formed also the word „strónnuó”, which means to let fall in separate pieces or particles over a surface, to scatter, to sprinkle and the word „stereos” which means firm, solid, compact, hard, rigid, strong, firm, immovable.

This insights guide us to the ideea that the greeks had in mind a fixed stars zodiac. The problem is that the greeks used this words, „astron” and „aster”, also for planets, especially for Saturn (Kronos), Jupiter (Zeus), Mars (Ares), Mercury (Hermes) and Venus (Aphrodite). Sun (Helios) and Moon (Selene) were deprived for this kind of terminology. The only stable assumption we can make  at this moment is that the greeks had objects of the sky in their minds.

According to Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, logos means: a word which, uttered by the living voice, embodies a conception or idea, a saying, the act of speaking, speech, a narration, reason, cause, ground. It seems that this word is dervied from lego which means to say, to speak, to declare in words, to use language.

We can make already an ideea about what astrology is, namley that implies the language of the stars, wandering and non-wanderings ones. Check more about it!

I wish you a pleasant stay,

Marius Cojoc